How we work.

Technical excellence is not enough. We dedicate time and energy in getting to know our clients and analysing the problems they present to us. We have learned to understand the language of our clients and to liaise with their consultants and professionals, as well as with lawyers having expertise in other sectors of the law. Above all, we are passionate about our work and we strive to perform it in the best possible way, together.

Passionate about

We thrive on challenges and we are enthusiastic about dealing with even extremely complex affairs. Merely studying the problem presented to us is not enough: we also analyse every other relevant aspect. Our professional experience has taught us that this is the only way to simplify complex situations and to identify elements that are truly useful for an effective defence.

Specialist approach
and multidisciplinary vision.

We are fully aware of the rules, dynamics and mechanisms typical of the sectors in which our clients work and we are able to liaise with management and with the other professionals they use. We are aware that criminal matters are increasingly interconnected with other branches of the law and we collaborate effectively with other professionals to identify and offer the most adequate solutions.


Our working method is based upon the continuous and constant involvement of the whole team in examining the most significant issues and preparing the best possible strategy, by enhancing the resources and expertise gained in the different sectors of corporate criminal law.


We are aware of the delicacy of the matters presented to us and we are therefore careful to guarantee utmost confidentiality, ensuring we protect our clients from a human and professional point of view also.

Per fer les coses bé cal: primer, l’amor a elles; segon, la tècnica.

(A. Gaudì)

We believe that doing our work well does not merely require technical excellence but also a passionate investigation of every specific situation that we face.